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How to Speak English Fluently – Tip 1
First and foremost, to learn how to speak English fluently, you need to learn English. Realize that conversational English and written English do vary from each other to quite an extent. Nonetheless, just like any other language, you need to master it's syntax and grammar first. To that end, it is most essential to read the language and learn it in written style first. Read the newspaper everyday. This will help you learn the regular conversational words as well. Read books and articles on buzzle.com.  they will introduce you to creative usage of the language. Make sure that you have a dictionary with you at all points of time. Preferably one that will give you the meanings of English words in your mother tongue, to help you out. More on Rules of English grammar and Dr. Johnson's Dictionary.

However, since you are already reading this article in English, I can presume that you know the language. So, lets get down to the brass tacks now and answer your question "how can I speak English fluently?".

How to Speak English Fluently – Tip 2
Once you have started to get a grasp on the English language in general, you can proceed to speaking it. It does not matter if it is not fluent at the beginning. But you need to start making the attempt. Tell your English speaking friends to talk to you in English and respond to them in English as far as possible. Fluency is a matter of habit. You need to build that habit. Watch English movies and programs on TV and try to follow them as far as possible. Yes, it will take time for the familiarity to build up, but you need to start somewhere. So, start now, so that results will be visible soon. Many people find watching talk shows in English helpful. This is because there is a response time in your mind and since you have been listening to English, your mind starts responding in English as well.

How to Speak English Fluently – Tip 3
There are several softwares available online that can help you out in this task as well. These softwares come with audio tutorials for pronunciations and intonations. They will help you speaking English fluently. You can get accent specific tutorials as well. Many people migrating to USA often feel the need to know how to speak American English fluently, so these softwares help them out as well. More so, some of these software have a facility wherein you can test your fluency by recording a certain passage on the software itself. This can really help those who plan on working in a completely English language-centric atmosphere.

These three tips are the secrets to knowing how to speak English fluently. But, even if it is some other language that you need to learn, understanding these tips will help you learn that language and speak it fluently as well. This is where I sign off, do feel free to ask me for more on English language! Take care!

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